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Pre-Bridal Beauty Treatments in Udaipur - Amrits hair n beauty

The wedding day is the most important day in a girls life, she is focus on that special day, it’s HER day. Hence, she needs that look and attire that draws awe inspiring looks and glances from all the people who comes to congratulate her.

Here are the best pre wedding beauty treatments that's help in looking beautiful for bridal.

Full Body Waxing: Arms, Legs, Back, Bikini
This beauty treatment involves the removal of arms, legs, underarms and bikini area with the help of wax. Full body waxing help in you get a hair-free smooth body. It is advisable to go for a waxing session at least a week ahead of your wedding. Chocolate wax is one of the best option which apart from efficient hair removal, helps to remove tan and leaves the skin super smooth and moisturized.

Threading: Eyebrow shaping and Facial hair removal
The eyes are the most expressive part of your face Neatly groomed and shaped eyebrows add grace to your expressions. Get your eyebrows/ upper lip threading done just 2 days before the wedding while threading of hair on other parts of the face must be done at least a week before. Girls having excessive facial hair are highly recommended to get Intense Pulse Laser hair removal treatment done. It ensures reduction of hair growth over a few sittings and you can stay hassle free for a long time.

Bridal Facial: According to your skin type
  A right bridal facial helps you look your best in the days leading up to your big day.
 If you have serious skin concerns, do consult a dermatologist or makeup artist long before your wedding. Amris hair n beauty is the best for bridal makeover studio in Udaipur. Regular course of facials ensures deep cleansing, removal of dead cells along with black heads and white heads, better blood circulation and simultaneously makes your skin bright, firm and soft. You can choose any one in this Gold, Pearl or Diamond facials which will give you an extraordinary bridal glow. Just facial may not suit your skin. Hence, consult the salon expert and she will provide you with the information about facial that is appropriate for your skin type.

Pedicure and Manicure:
There are so many wedding rituals that involve the exhibition of your hands and feet, so, this beauty treatment ensures that they look the best. It is needless to mention the importance of giving special attention to the hands and feet when you are a bride no matter how much you neglected them all these years.
Regular manicure and pedicure sessions at an interval of 15 days would surely keep your hands and feet beautifully soft and healthy.  You may get a bridal nail art of your choice done right before the big ceremony. because now a days nail art is also a big thing in bridal fashion and wedding.

Hair Treatments:  
This beauty treatment helps you get soft, smooth and silky hair. After the chemical treatments involved in hair coloring, your hair demands some nourishment as well. Hair spa helps to cure problems like dandruff, dryness, dullness, hair fall etc.
If your hair is dry, frizzy and so unmanageable that you are never happy with it then hair smoothening or straightening are the options worth considering. While both the treatments use same products, the difference lies in the technique.  These treatments give you permanent smooth hair with no abuse. That types of  treatment should be done at least a month before the wedding.

Body Polishing:
It boosts blood circulation and nourishes the skin. Body polishing involves exfoliation, that makes your skin smooth. This beauty treatment ensures that your body is thoroughly scrubbed and hydrated so that your body looks fresh and beautiful.
For Pre-Bridal Beauty Treatments you can contact with Makeover Salon in Udaipur.

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