Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Beauty and makeup tips for glowing skin in summer

Heat and humidity are part of Indian summers . Summer is certainly not the best time for your skin. The nature has provided us with fruits that can counteract all the negative effects of summer & including them in your daily diet & skin care will not only keep the summer time skin woes at bay but will also make your skin brighter & beautiful like - watermalen, papaya, pineapple, Green coconut water etc.
Keep Skin Healthy - Have lots of water and hydrate the skin well at least 2-3 weeks prior to wedding day. Apart from that sleep is very important to get a fresh look even in summers. Have a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables that will help you bring a glow on the face. Try to avoid  oily foods and spicy foods that will only aggravate oil on the skin. All these are important for the base of the summer makeup for bride.
Bridal makeup in summer - Weather is one important requisite that can positively or negatively affect the results of makeup on a bride. For getting best results in your wedding you can getting helps through the famous beauty parlour in udaipur. For bridal makeup you can go best bridal makeover studio in Udaipur and getting amazing looking in your wedding.

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